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The Fish Ingredient Specialist.

Virgin Salmon Oil, (Natural Fish Proteins,Natural Salmon Flavour Natural Fish Fond–Hidden)

-100 % Natural
-100 % Sustainable
-100 % Food Grade From fish to Oil
-100 % Traceability
-100 % From Norway

Atlantic Garden produce natural marine ingredients with high purity, for broad application. Sophisticated production perfects each ingredient to a state where chemicals can be avoided, and the application of the product is broadened.

About Us

Norway´s largest biorefinery of fish ingredients. Flavours, proteins and oils are extracted from fresh fish. In order to achieve the highes quality, Atlantic Garden has developed a food grade quality chain from Slaughtering of the fish to finished product. We have replaced conservatives with low temperature in the sourcing. In our process, we use natural enzymes, and we avoid additives by gentle processing combined with pure fractionating.


New Products

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Atlantic Garden is a producer of Natural Fish oils and Proteins. We deliver to packers, capsulators, food companies and distributors of ingredients. We do not deliver to consumer markets. Oil oils is sold in Steel Barre...