Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe any industrial producer shall strive to respect natural processes, without the use of chemicals. When we started with this, it was a completely new approach to fish products. However, over the years it has become our everyday life.

We aim to use food grade parts of the fish which are not sold as fillet. Example of this is the fish meat between the fillet and the bones. A consumer will not spend the time to pick out every bone, but as an industry, we can extract premium protein and oil from this fish meat.
Our energy sourcing is based from hydro power, and natural gas condensate. This is a by-product from the gas industry which nobody else are using.

We give people a second chance. We have work training and employment of people who has been long time out of work.

We work with double sustainability. This means that we source from farmed fish only. And from farmed fish which is fed from renewable sources only. Furthermore, we only source food grade fish parts which are not sold for human consumption. I.e. our nutrients are not sourced in conflict with fisheries, nor in conflict with fish for human consumption.