Sustainability is about inflicting as little impact on nature as possible. Moreover it is about running a company in harmony and as a part of the natural cycles.
Biomega was founded in year 2000, and with the following goals:
-Utilize fish and fish products of food quality, which would not be sold to food. This is the fish meat close to the bones. Or the meat in fish heads.

The Norwegian production of Salmon is based on sustainable principles. We have large natural resources, and huge areas of water for this. As per 2013 the volume used for salmon is 0,5 % only, of the Norwegian waters. This 0,5% includes the production cages, security areas around, and no traffic zones outside this. I.e. all the area related to this production. As a comparison US has 17% of the total country as arable land.


Atlantic Salmon is one of the healthiest fishes, and one of the most demanded products. At the same time salmon is a natural predator. This means in nature a salmon feed on smaller fish. There is not enough wild fish to catch to produce salmon in the "natural diet", so the feeding of salmon comes increasingly from vegetable sources.
The wild fisheries try and utilize the fish directly for human consumption, and not for fish meal/fish oil. This is a natural development as technology evolves.
Fisheries world wide are rather constant. As the population and income of the people grow, there is an increased demand for sea food.

Energy consumption:
The electricity we use for the process is from Hydro power only. Furthermore, Biomega has a unique agreement to use gas condensate. This was a product from the natural gas production which no one could use, and it was burned directly. Now, we utilize the energy in our factory.